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      1. Stock Code

        About Us


        Date of grantAward/ CertificationAwarded CompanyIssuing authority/ institution
        4 February 20172016 Performance-Oriented Advanced GroupOur CompanyTaizhou City Committer of the Communist Party of China, Taizhou People’s Government
        4 September 2017Youth Civilisation UnitTaizhou City WaterCPC Youth of Zhejiang Province Committee, Zhejiang Administration of Work Safety, “Youth Civilisation Unit” of Zhejiang Province, “Outstanding Youth in Post” Event Organizing Committee
        27 November 2017The Sixth session of Taizhou Advanced Enterprise for Harmonious Labor RelationOur CompanyTaizhou Leading Group for Harmonious Labor Relation
        28 December 2017ISO9001:2015Taizhou City WaterWIT Assessment
        28 December 2017ISO14001: 2015Taizhou City WaterWIT Assessment
        28 December 2017OHSAS18001: 2007Taizhou City WaterWIT Assessment
        27 March 2018Laboratory Accreditation CertificateTaizhou City WaterChina National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment